Founder & CEO of The Ultimate LYFE
Peak Performance Coach | Transformational Speaker

About Kamille

Kamille Rose Soler, also known as the “CEO Whisperer,” is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and Peak Performance Coach to entrepreneurs, business owners, and high level professionals. After completing two years of premed study at UC Berkeley, Kamille hit a critical turn around moment when she realized that being a doctor was not her passion. Instead she shifted her focus from the career she was pursuing to WHY she was pursuing it. Kamille wanted to help people live their greatest possible life so they could lead others to do the same. So she completed a double bachelors in Psychology and Mass Communications.

Today, she is the CEO and Founder of The Ultimate LYFE, a leadership mindset training company that helps entrepreneurs and leaders achieve ultimate success in their personal and professional life. She is also a keynote speaker for Fortune 500 companies and she continues to expand her research on human peak performance through Tony Robbins’ Mastery University, The World Class Speakers Alliance, and her travels around the world speaking to diverse communities and companies on how to master their mindset.

Kamille’s work has been as diverse and passionate as her love for people. She has played lead roles in independent films, produced CNN news documentaries in Washington DC, supported nonprofit founders, real estate entrepreneurs, and leaders both nationally and internationally in building their companies. In 2014, she co-founded a collaborative work space for positive social change entrepreneurs based in Southern CA where she teaches workshops on self-development and continues to consult on brand strategy, company culture development, and leadership mindset.

Kamille currently lives in Glendale, CA where she enjoys finding really good brunch spots, board game nights with friends and family, and dancing wildy in her car at stoplights. To book Kamille for speaking engagements, podcast interviews, or corporate trainings, email [email protected] or

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